What is the treatment for Sydenham’s Chorea?

Treatment for Sydenham’s Chorea is based on the following steps:

Most doctors will try to remove any Streptococcal infection from the child using a treatment course of Penicillin followed by a lower dose of this drug to prevent the child re-acquiring the bacteria. A child will be advised to take the Penicillin until they are eighteen years old. This is primarily to prevent the development of inflammation of the heart.

The Neurologist may try to treat the movement disorder if it is having a major impact on the child’s day to day functioning. There are not any large trials to help decide which medication is best, but doctors often use a medication called Sodium Valproate which can help reduce the chorea. Other medications which may be tried include a course of steroids and other drugs including Haloperidol, Pimozide, Carbamazepine and Clonidine.