UK Surveillance Project Kicks Off

We were delighted to see the first phase of the UK Sydenham’s Chorea Surveillance project kick off in November 2018. Led by a team from the University of Exeter and with input from experts around the country, this is the first study into Sydenham’s Chorea.

We hope that the study will help us understand the number of cases in the UK, but will also give us a valuable insight into how the condition is investigated and diagnosed. The study has already provided information on new cases of Sydenham’s Chorea and we hope that a result of the study will be better information provided to parents of children with the condition.

We will keep you updated of the progress and results of the study as they become available. For further information, please click here.

We hope that the second phase of the project will launch in 2019. Funds raised at our 2018 dinner in Glasgow have been allocated to this second phase, so we will keep you updated as things progress.